Wednesday, December 06, 2006

the mask is off

Now, the hypocrisy is out and the truth is in. What was merely assumed before is now an established fact. On one hand, it is good to know what it is all about. The mask is off! On the other hand, the truth is disconcerting. The reality is discomforting.

So, it is after all not really “people’s initiative” but simply government initiative. The present government has been behind it all the way from funding it. Using local and national public officials to push it—up to enticing people to sign it either without knowing what it was all about or simply doling out the material incentives to make them sign.

And now, neither is it truly “Constituent Assembly” but also “Government Assembly”. It is once again the present government that is making the plans, using its allies, providing the funds—with ho holds bard. This is official. This is public knowledge. And all these are programmed by the national leadership itself with the obedient collaboration of its ever loyal political allies.

Cha-cha is green and go—irrespective of the means and without counting the costs. This is precisely the rationale behind three revealing preparatory political moves—without ethical premise and devoid of moral considerations:

One: There is the House of Representatives poised or even now resolved to compromise its own rules and to even twist the pertinent constitutional provision merely to accommodate the holding of a Constituent Assembly.

Two: There is the already loud and clear voice coming from pro-administration politicos that the May 2007 mid-term elections will have to be cancelled, and thereby extend the terms of the elective office of those in special service of the present administration.

Three: There is the up and coming recomposition of the Supreme Court whose Chief Justice is up for appointment by the national leadership itself that cannot but protect and promote its own interest in this signal prerogative.

But then the standing truth remains that there is always a limit to how much deception and manipulation could people bear and suffer. As the saying goes, the citizenry could be fooled and oppressed at times but not always—much less forever!

6 December 2006