Friday, December 29, 2006

longest reign

Before the year 2006 ends, it would be good to take good note of one dubious as well as ominous standing record of the present national leadership. It commands the longest reigning administration in the country--second only but not altogether different from the past martial law regime of unhappy memory.
It is second in terms of the material time in governing the country since 2001. At first it was hailed with much admiration and great expectation. Not long thereafter, it took off its thick mask of integrity and openly showed its serious moral flaws of profanity. And its conceit was progressively propped up by gross and regular deceipt. Everybody and everything were fair game to promote and protect its selfish interests and egoistic concerns all means justified the end--on proviso only that its questionable objectives were achieved and kept.
It is second too as to its aspiration, consequent disposition and actuation in claiming more and more power than that allowed by law, it gagged those who knew the truth. It persecuted those who sought justice, it copiously rewarded those who served its devious designs. Many of those who questioned its legitimacy and veracity were either intimidated, abducted and silenced--if not simply eliminated by unknown, uncaught and unpunished killers.
At the end of the year, the present administration is still haunted by it ever reappearing ghosts of lying, cheating and stealing. Many are annoyed by its boasts of one achievement after another while millions suffer from poverty and misery. Human dignity continues to be trampled upon, human rights violated and human lives exterminated.
More than terrorism and criminality, the still reigning administration is repeatedly threatened by both unarmed and armed revolts. It has become the subject matter of both funny commentaries as well as sick jokes. It has lost much in its credibility and approval rating. It is so powerful yet so insecure. It is wallowing in affluence while millions live in their day to say hunger.
There is a saying that only change is permanent. The truth behind this maxim is so relevant and precious during the long reign of the present administration. Hereto added is another inspiring reality as far as the oppressing and depressing plight of the Filipinos is concerned: even this shall pass away!
In the course of time, ultimately truth conquers lie, justice vanishes inequity, and it is peace that reigns--not only administration wallowing in flagrant socio-moral liabilities.
+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
29 December 2006