Friday, December 08, 2006


Greed is synonymous to insatiability. For the greedy, nothing is enough. They feel the continuous craving for more. When they have more, they want to have much more. The end is always the same; they eventually lose whatever they have—with sickness, despair, death.

The question of greed has a special relevance in our now obtaining national socio-political present. This is specifically the case of some of our greedy politicos. The immense power they exercise, the huge wealth they have, the big influence they wield—all these combined are not enough. Strange but true, they still feel deprived and depressed. Hence they feel the need to become even more powerful, wealthy and influential.

The insatiable greed for power, wealth and influence is the underlying cause of the unicameral constitutional assembly for a Charter Change. Never mind ethical norms and moral principles. Never mind the contrary feeling and voice of many sectors of society. Never mind the present and still binding constitutional provision on Charter Change.

What counts for these greedy politicos is to stay long in power no matter how, to continue accumulating wealth with whatever means, to hold on to position of influence with utter disregard for integrity, truth and justice.

They do not know—or refuse to acknowledge—that their greed is in fact their own punishment. It is like having thirst while immersed in drinking water. It is big hunger in the midst of abundant food. And the eventual result is the same always: their greed becomes their own undoing. These are people who should be pitied—not hated. They should be objects of regrets—not rage.

Now, it is interesting to watch and see where and what the greed of these politicos will bring them. For one thing, they are not immortal. They are wherefore not really as powerful, wealth and influential as they think and feel they are. Lastly, it is their own greed that will consume them, eat them all up.

Even the greatest of great men and women in human history all end up sick, dead and buried six feet below the ground. To say the least, not one of our greedy politicos would qualify even as great.

December 8, 2006