Sunday, December 17, 2006

GMA-free philippines

Just because truth is difficult to say and painful to hear does not makes it a falsehood. And the truth is that a GMA-Free Philippines is sure to come in time. The cause is not really that important for those remaining behind. It can be on account of personal health, deliberate resignation or popular rejection. The ultimate result is the same, viz., the end of the GMA regime.

No, this is not to say that such an eventuality should be desired, much less rejoiced at. Yes, this is to say that before the reality of mortality, there is no difference between a prince and a pauper, a powerful national leader and a helpless street sweeper. This is a good reminder lest the wealthy and powerful think that they would forever live and rule--lest the poor feel that they would be exploited and oppressed forever.

The point of the above observations is to forward the following submission specifically in conjunction with the socio-political turmoil now obtaining in the country. This distressing phenomenon is brought about by futile and vain attempts of the present administration at changing no less than the fundamental law of the land.

Under the prodding and funding of the national leadership, there was first the infamous “people’s initiative”. This proved to be in truth nothing more than the administration’s initiative. This was junked by the Supreme Court with finality.

Then there was the “Constituent Assembly” attempted by the House but also under the baton of the national leadership. This proved to be too offensive to people’s sensibility. So it was also discarded by contrary popular dissent.

But here comes again the continued obsession of the national leadership to change the basic law of the land through a constitutional convention. The present administration and its allies look at the charter of the country as their enemy No. 1.

Question: yes or no to constitutional convention? Answer: no, during the GMA term office. Yes, during an already GMA Free Philippines.

Question: Why? Answer: When the present administration is still in tenure of power and in command of funds, this will definitely and actively intervene in the election of pro-administration commissioners, in the deliberations of the convention—to protect and promote its own selfish interests. But when the present administration is already out of office, the election of the commissioners, the propositions of the convention, and the result of the plebiscite under a new Comelec, would become more credible and acceptable. GMA Free Philippines—Tarry not in coming!

17 Dec2006