Thursday, December 28, 2006

garci forever

There are times when there is uncertainty whether people should jump for joy or cry shamelessly in the presence of a given reality. This is precisely the case of the Garci phenomenon that is once again given prominence in the national consciousness of the country. That is why there are those who rejoice for the dismissal of a case against a person. Yet, there are also those who lament much the justice system in the country.

There are those happily gearing up for the alleged candidacy of a person. At the same time, many are those who are sadly reminded of the workings of still the same COMELEC. Certain politicians are eagerly looking forward to have a person in their ticket. But there are certain groupings and entities that more and more annoyed by the transactional politics in the country.

It is not really a question of a person but the issue of a system. It is neither a matter of who are voting for whom, but why and how shall the votes be again counted—or discounted. The Garci issue is very much bigger than a person. It is fundamentally the serious matter of the legitimacy of the present national leadership—not to mention its big lost of credibility before the serious and thinking populace.

Now, it back to square one: impeachment case, with Garci question having come up, the so called “Hello, Garci” tapes are once again brought to mind. And this is necessarily accompanied by no less than the impeachment process twice shelved not really by reason of demerit by mere tyranny of numbers. There is moral certitude that the same case will be once again—for the third time—raised in the halls of congress. And when once again thrown out, the present MalacaƱang occupant again also loses by default—by denying her to have her day in court, in this particular still in socio-political open wound with serious fundamental socio-moral dimensions, begs for closure.

This is why there is much doubt if not downright conviction about the real motive behind the incredible tenacity and undue haste of the present leadership to change the charter of the land—the top and foremost objective of having a parliamentary form of government, among other things, this would bury the impeachment case forever—hopefully.

Unless resolved with credibility, the Garci phenomenon will continuously disturb the nation and divide the people. It is an issue that continues to haunt the conscience of people and the peace of the land. Good or bad, this is the truth. To say the opposite is but wishful thinking.

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
28 December 2006