Wednesday, November 22, 2006

STL a.k.a jueteng

“We told you so.” This sad reminder is not fun to give. It forwards an accusing element. It implies a blaming spirit. But it can be right and true. A case in point is the unfortunate and inopportune launching of the so-called “Small Town Lottery” with the preposterous aim and claim that it would eradicate jueteng. The actuality however warrants saying “we told you so.” Reason: STL is but a jueteng clone—with the added truth that STL cannot survive by its own revenues without the support of jueteng operations. STL wherefore actually promotes jueteng—not lessens, much less stops jueteng.

STL is said to be legal. Jueteng is qualified as illegal. However, both are ultimately funded and operated by the same jueteng lords. Both can be played with exactly the same number combinations. Both use the same gambling structure from the collection of bets to the payments of winning numbers, both are open to manipulation and deception. Both give payolas to certain local officials and some police authorities. Both exploit the poor. While enriching the corrupt, the goon and the greedy—at the expense of the poor.

Neither STL nor jueteng is that censurable as far as the poor and gullible bettors are concerned. The inherent vicious element of both numbers games is found in their financiers and operators. They are the ones who amass wealth and acquire influence precisely by taking advantage of the millions of bettors—men, women and children—living in poverty and wants.

Formerly, it was only jueteng that was sucking in the money of the poor by billions yearly—specifically from no less than in regions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Now, the same regions are progressively being infested by STL. The standing operational principles are the following:

1) Where there is jueteng, this is enough. STL however could be allowed to come in or otherwise. The revenues will be then enough.
2) Where there is STL, jueteng must be operated under cover by STL identifications. The revenues will be then much more.
3) Where only STL is strictly allowed to operate, bookies must necessarily go with it. The revenues will still be then acceptable.

There is something worse that presently goes with STL and jueteng. Formerly, it was the gambling lords who determined how much payola to give, and to whom. Now there is a so-called “patong”. This is composed of a very powerful and influential tandem or triad that decides how much payola the gambling lords have to give, to whom and when.

22 November 2006