Friday, November 10, 2006


“Mutual forgiveness must not eliminate the need for justice and still less does it block the path that leads to truth. On the contrary, justice and truth represent the concrete requisites for reconciliation.” (Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, No. 518).

It is common knowledge that the national leadership has been repeatedly and loudly calling for reconciliation. With the political opposition, the critical civil sectors and all others who are not pro-administration.

Such avid calls for reconciliation make the present administration appear noble and admirable. Its clamor for unity and harmony gives the impression that it is sincere in bringing about prosperity and development in the country. In the absence of the reconciliation it clamors for with an air of superiority, the administration assume the posture of righteous indignation that its non-allies are the ones at fault by turning their backs to its pretentious moves.

What the national leadership conveniently forgets or deliberately ignores is that reconciliation is premised on justice and truth. Forgiveness is a necessary element of reconciliation. But neither does reconciliation cancel the demands of justice and the imperative of truth—without which reconciliation would be a big farce.

The present administration wants reconciliation with neither justice nor truth. This in itself already reveals its errant if not perverted sense of what is right or wrong. With its public calls for reconciliation, it attempts to cover up the grave and pervasive social injustice it continues to cause plus the many and serious misrepresentations it still makes.

The political opposition, the critical civil sectors and the non-allies of the present administration may not be always right. But definitely right they are by not taking seriously the pro-forma reconciliation attempts by the national leadership. When will this government ever know and admit the standing truth that justice is the strongest pillar of a stable and peaceful society. To think, say and do otherwise is reserved for incarnate liars, cheaters and thieves.

10 November 2006