Monday, November 27, 2006

population: enemy of the state

Certain politicians once again loudly and proudly proclaim their old-time favorite thesis: population is he culprit for the poverty of the people and the misery of the nation. Translation: population is the enemy of the state.

As usual, they complain that there are too many mouths to feed with too little food to eat. There are too many people without work, without education, without health care. There is too much crime in the streets, too much garbage around, too much air pollution. Population is synonymous with disaster.

The population is primary cause of all social adversities. Population is the key in all the present local and national socio-economic reversals taking place all over the country. Conclusion: down with the population! Population is the curse of the nation. Depopulate the country by all means. The less the people the better.
Big population equals want. Small population means abundance. More population spells indigence. Less population brings wealth. Anti-population politicians conveniently forget that they themselves, their parents and siblings plus their own children and grandchildren, add to the population of the country. Should people also shout: Down with politicians! Away with politicos!

Anti-population politicians presumably well know that the country now has but a service economy. This simply means that the national export is people. Domestic helpers, laborers, care givers, nurses and millions of other Filipinos abroad are those keeping the nation financially afloat through their big and regular dollar remittances. Even call centers ultimately mean people helping the national economy survive.

China, Japan, Hong Kong all have big population. And they are wealthy countries. The African continent has a small sum total of population. Yet is not an affluent place. This means that population itself—big or small—does not necessarily translate to poverty or affluence.

The question is—as it has always been—the kind of governance a country has. When political leaders lie, cheat and steal, when public offices become a common public curse especially in terms of graft and corruption, when public funds from big direct and many indirect taxes go to the private pockets—all these impoverish the nation, violate the population.

Population is the wealth of a nation! A government may be the enemy of the state! The kind of governance can be the curse of the citizens! Not the population!

27 November 2006