Tuesday, November 14, 2006

human person

Irrespective of their race, color and creed, all who believe in God, consider the human person as second only to divinity in dignity and sublimity. In fact, most of those who do not even believe in the existence of God look at the human person as the center of the universe. There are even those who go to the extent of divinizing the human person, making this the be all and end all of anything and everything else.

All these different perceptions and various persuasions nevertheless converge in a common conviction: the human person is the most precious being in the world. Wherefore, there is nothing in the universe that is not at the service of the human person. And just as human dignity must be honored, his human rights should also be respected.

There are admittedly numerous as well as varied evils in the world, there are likewise many and diverse vicious acts in a civil society. In the same way, a political community can do and in fact does a good amount of erroneous and even errant deeds in the exercise of governance.

But the worse of all evil, vice and errancy are those precisely directed against the good of man, the welfare of the human person. The killing of people tops all odious deeds. The disregard for human dignity with the immediate consequence of the violation of human rights, follow in repugnance as a matter of course.

Woe therefore to individuals, groups and entities that are guilty of gross offenses against human persons. The guilt becomes more tragic and reprehensible when done by those in tenure of power and influence precisely to serve their fellow human persons.

This warning has special relevance to the present administration that is more and more becoming infamous on account of its inhumanity to more and more people. Human lives are cheap. Human rights are little or of no consequence. Millions of men and women are practically made mere chattels to earn dollars for the government.

Human history is the living witness to the eventual grim destiny of all those who use their positions of leadership and power to abuse human persons. Just recently, someone was sentenced to death by hanging.

14 November 2006