Thursday, November 16, 2006

gambling in the republic

The present Administration has a long standing thesis: a gambling republic is a strong republic. Making addicts of legal gambling brings billions of pesos at the disposal of the national leadership. Exploiting the poor through illegal gambling rakes in billions of pesos for its many operations in the promotion of its dubious agenda.

The coming Christmas season basically means standard government dole outs to quiet down hungry and destitute people. Furthermore, there is the foreseen May 2006 mid term elections. These ultimately mean the stay or fall of the national leadership specifically in conjunction with the foreseen third impeachment case that would surely proceed if the majority in congress were changed. For the present Administration both Christmas 2006 and elections 2007 mean only one and the same thing: it must have money. The more the better and the merrier. Both legal and illegal gambling simply means exactly that—more money for the national leadership to buy the poor and to win the elections.

In gross but realistic language, the Administration needs all the money it can grab in order to finance its operations particularly in the forthcoming elections. It does not matter where the money comes from or how the money is obtained. And it is no secret that legal and illegal gambling simply means more money at the command of the national leadership to promote and realize its own partisan political interests and egotistic concerns.

No wonder then that more legal gambling establishments are being built in as many places in the country as possible. The popular dissent and protest in the places concerned are of no consequence. So what if the community concerned will be invaded by suspicious characters and high class goons plus women of questionable refute. The pursuit of money of over all ethical reservations, above all cultural considerations. The mal-education of the youth, the harmony of the neighborhood and the peace of the community must bow to the quest and power of money.

The present Administration has been long since observing and promoting certain twisted maxims: it’s a lie to tell the truth. One who has the gold, makes the rule. Public service is self-service. It is convenient to invoke God’s name. People are useful. Immorality and infallibility come with power. Any means justify all administration’s whims.

The present administration makes the “Strong Republic” stand and wants the “first world” to come.

16 November 2006