Monday, November 20, 2006

dubious expertise

Time and again, the present Administration has exhibited its dubious expertise in self-perpetuation through self-protection and self-promotion. The means used are of no consequence. The costs incurred do not count. The only thing important and relevant is its continuous tenure of power and might.

This Administration can have anybody whom it can use to promote its self-interests like someone identified with its sworn political enemies. At the same time, it can distance someone who could burst the bubble of its proclaimed integrity. Can his have reference to a perceived big gambler and a said amateur fertilizer distributor respectively?

The same Administration can catch up with somebody known for his admirable hiding skills. Yet it cannot find hundreds of killers and abductors who are practically all over the eland. Can this be relevant to a former public servant and those who indulge in political killings and abductions, respectively as well?

Such politico-tactical moves are the way of liars, cheats and thieves. It is good to know with moral certitude that in theses cases, truth, integrity and justice eventually come to fore. There is nothing crooked that is not finally rectified, nothing evil that is not penalized at the end of the day. This is the constant lesson of human history.

While it is hard for anyone to claim sanctity or holiness, it can be said that the present Administration has plenty to answer for. The way it thwarted nothing else than a national option in the 2004 Elections, and how it attempted to misrepresent the national will as to the fundamental Law of the Land. The way it was downright rejected by nothing else than 10 of its trusted executives—and the counting continues. The repeated claims of economic boom while millions have not enough to eat—with the admission that no less than 8 die out of 10 sick people in the country. And there is the heavy direct and indirect taxation paid even by indigents, while it happily flies from one country to another with a host of its known allies—all at the expense of the people.

Add to all these, the odious and ominous expertise of this Administration to see to it that it gets what it wants, and does away with what it hates—it becomes so very hard to hold it in respect, so very difficult to speak about it with pride. This is definitely not the thinking of pessimists but the conclusion of realists.

20 November 2006