Friday, October 06, 2006


Unconscionable—this is the only right word to use in looking at the Malacañang decision ordering the retake of the nursing licensure examinations for all the 2006 graduates. There were but a handful who authored the leakage of some test questions. There were but some who benefited from the shameful misdeed. Yet all the examinees without exception are unjustly penalized for the dishonesty of but certain individuals. These were bluntly told to have a “retake”. There is neither rhyme nor reason to this Malacañang intervention—even in the assumption that the government would shoulder the expenses which are even tax payer’s money.

It is only in downright conspiracy that the crime of one is the crime of all. It is elementary that only those proven guilty of misdeed are penalized. But to punish even those precisely presumed innocent is the height of injustice and the utter lost of the sense of basic equity.

It is a given that the real and biggest commerce of this country is exporting people—from ordinary to super-maids and other service professionals. For the present administration, there is no business like people business. In fact when the national leadership goes abroad, it is people who are offered for export—among some little local products.

It is also given that it is in the commercialization of people that this government makes the most money in terms of big and regular dollar remittances by thousands of OFWs—who are even daily increasing in number. This is why the country is said to have but a service economy such as demonstrated by the many big call centers in the country—with others still in the offing.

It is wherefore also a given that this administration wants to have quality people exports. This is the ultimate rationale behind the “retake” of all 2006 nursing graduates. This iniquitous move is to assure that there would be no doubt about their export quality as a whole. Never mind who honestly passed the licensure exams, who but doubtfully passed them, and who downright cheated to pass them. If the government cannot even make such a distinction among the examinees, what is it doing with its multi-billion intelligence fund, its multi-branched intelligence agencies?

There is something fundamentally wrong with an administration that does not even know the elementary dictates of justice, the basic norms of prudence.

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
6 October 2006