Wednesday, October 04, 2006

pitiful country

What is happening to this country? What is the present administration doing? When will people be united in saying enough to government corruption, injustice and deceit? How long will the nation bear wanton political killings and summary executions?

The killing of Churchmen is the summit of socio-political errancy. The murder of a bishop cries to heaven for vengeance. Those who executed him as well as those in tenure of power and might behind them, cannot be spared from the wrath of God. If human authority with all its multi-billion fund for intelligence and for judicial work are basically non-functional, divine providence eventually takes over.

What would this government get from having Bishop Ramento killed? He was a peace advocate. He was pro-humanity. He was a man of the poor and the oppressed.

How could Bishop Ramento be killed by mere robbers? He was a poor man himself. He led a simple life. He lived in a dilapidated house. He even took public buses to commute from one place to another.

Why was Bishop Ramento receiving many death threats prior to his actual murder in cold blood? He hurt no one, offended nobody—except perhaps those who are known for their greed of power and wealth, those who violated human rights with impunity and nonchalance.

A man who denounced the many and continuous killings in the country has himself become a victim of shameless killing. His blood will certainly water the seeds of many more men and women like him who will continue his unfinished cause.

The country is becoming more and more drenched with the blood of many individuals whose only fault was seek what is right and just. This has become an upardonable crime in this country. In the same way, to tell the truth is forbidden by the present government under pain of abduction, imprisonment or death.

How long would this socio-political atrocity last?

4 October 2006