Friday, October 13, 2006


Long known for its genuine and sincere charitable work. Well, reknown for its dedicated service to the poor for many decades. Much appreciated for its many and effective programs and projects in favor of the less fortunate. This is PCSO—and much more in its good name and fame!

The PCSO has been long since facing a progressive big funding problem. This is a worsening financial predicament in the country, the basic culprit of which is the government itself. So much direct and indirect taxes collected. So much OFW dollar remittances received. Yet, the PCSO is basically left to forage for money by and for itself. The more government advertisements of economic progress are made, the less people have enough to eat such that more people get sick.

So many billions of pesos being spent for military purposes, intelligence agenda, inclusive of frequent foreign travels of the MalacaƱang occupant with the usual big retinue of loyal followers. So many millions of pesos now being used for MalacaƱang self-propaganda, inclusive of the wildly alleged “People’s Initiative”. Yet practically nothing goes to the PCSO in the face of its increasing funding requirements as needy and ill people multiply in number.

PCSO has increasing funding requirements on account of more and more poor and destitute people all over the land. Yet it has dwindling funds to fulfill it noble and ennobling institutional mission. Lo and behold! The gambling moguls came and conquered the PCSO. It ardently agreed to go gambling. Thus came the PCSO lotto and EZ2 for a start.

But the money was not yet enough. So came the local gambling lords. And PCSO now have an additional, gambling venture—the infamous STL which is but Jueteng with a legal standing yet having the same Jueteng format, designed to enrich the same Jueteng lords and to benefit the same Jueteng protectors!

The conclusion is obvious. PCSO will continue to lack funds for its otherwise meritorious mission. With gambling necessarily goes cheating as a matter of course. There are now bookies where there are STL operations. This sad phenomenon is sadly eroding PCSO salutary vision and finality. It pitifully forgets that the means do not justify the end.

PCSO might want to ask how come the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) is still meeting its primary objective—without indulging in gambling. The pitiful truth is that the PCSO is now merely being used and abused by gambling lords in the country! What a way to PCSO self-destruction!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
13 October 2006