Tuesday, October 03, 2006

many killings, no killer

There are many “only in the Philippines” amusing realities. In the same context, there is one now standing fact in the country that is definitely not funny but downright fearful and detestable. Many political killings wantonly go on while not a single killer has been known and brought to justice. Only in the Philippine is the listing of those killed becomes longer yet the list of those who murder them in cold blood remains strangely empty.

It can be rightfully said that in this country and under this present administration, crime pays. There is much rhetoric about government inquiries and intelligence gathering, inclusive of a commission specifically established to look into the summary executions. But the killers remain unknown and those killed keep filing up. Mostly talk and posturing but no facts to show, no accomplishment to present.

And why? Were those killed convicted assassins, wanted criminals, known terrorists? Only those from another planet do not know the answer. Only the killers themselves and their masters forward futile answers to the same question. Even fools know that all those killed—everyone of them—have one common attribute. They all abhor social injustice in the country, they distrust the administration and become critical about it. The unofficial but real response to people’s distrust and criticism is sweep and final: kill them!

All these are presumed guilty: critical farmers and workers, cause oriented individuals and media persons, protesting professionals and pastors—some priests and bishops are already in the order of battle. All these wherefore should be eliminated one at a time, slowly but surely. And those in position of power and influence with this twisted mentation even dare say that ours is a full democratic government and an entirely free media!

No wonder then that many foreign governments and world agencies openly say something is basically wrong in this country. More than rampant government graft and corruption, poor education, exploitation of women and children and other social maladies, they say through formal statements and official releases that there are too many unexplained and unresolved killings in the country.

What is frustrating and even disgusting is that the killings go on and the killers remain loose. It is both amusing and disgusting that in this country, there are many crimes but no criminal. This is the summit of all riddles!

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.