Wednesday, October 04, 2006

life and death

Who live and who die in this country, appears to be at the option of a select group of powerful and influential people. The families of those killed for political motives all grieve for their dead members, all cry justice for justice, all accuse the government as the guilty party. Deploying and using certain military elements.

Decent Filipinos expressly denounce the political killings in the country. The local Catholic and protestant churches openly join the cry to stop the wanton waste of human lives in the land. The national and foreign media likewise raise their voices against the killings. All nationalist NGO’s repeatedly condemn the same killings.

After the national leadership was recently abroad criss-crossing several countries, the report given thereafter was glorious as usual. And as customary, it was said by the official media that the “working visit” was an enchanting success. What was definitely left unsaid was the fact of foreign leaders raising the question of political killings in the country. And there was even the much embarrassing spectacle of Filipinos abroad following the head visitor with shouts and placards against the same killings that take place in the country practically non-stop.

No wonder that even the European church and civil society organizations recently issued a formal public statement categorically saying “the killings must stop”. It ended with an ominous note, saying “we call our own governments and the united nations to pay attention to these alarming developments, and to urge the Philippine Government to end the killings and guarantee justice for all victims”. Among other things, the statement points at the Philippine Government as the culprit in the killings, and those killed are its victims—an indictment that is neither puny nor funny.

No wonder that with the much acclaimed abolition of death penalty vis-à-vis the even increasing political killings in the country, many say that there is great ambivalence in the present government—if not big duplicity or downright hypocrisy. The lives of murderers, rapists and big time goons are spared. Yet, merely government critics have been subjected to summary executions. Others are expected to have the same irremediable fate sooner than later.

What a farce!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
4 October 2006