Saturday, October 28, 2006


In its practical understanding, libel is false accusation plus ill-intention. It is the contradiction of truth, the reversal of reality and the opposite of goodwill. It can be wherefore said that libel is the vicious enemy of what is real, good and just. On the other hand wherefore, truth is the most formidable and effective antidote against libel.

No one knows the truth about oneself better than the person concerned. When someone knows who he or she really is, that is the truth. No one and nothing can change that reality. The person remains exactly the same with either praises or curses, when either sanctified or vilified.

Truth is so strong and lasting that it withstands all defamation and survives all liars. In the same way truth is the most fearsome and worrisome enemy of the corrupt and dishonest, the cheaters and thieves. Truth then is the greatest ally and comfort of those continuously living in integrity and acting with justice.

Personal goodness is not made evil by mere talks to the contrary. In the way, personal viciousness is not erased even by many and loud public commendations. Again: the truth is the truth. No one and nothing can make it a falsehood. Truth is the constant and consistent companion of good and righteous people.

When one is so touchy about his or her good name, it is quite possible that the person is not in fact that good, neither that honest nor innocent. The truth is that when someone is the object of many serious accusations, his or her first move should be self-examination of conscience—not the easy and ready filing of libel cases.

It is well probable that the propensity of filing libel suits one after another is but a manifestation of one’s insecurity or weakness if not in effect an indirect confession of guilt. When someone is really sure of his or her honesty and integrity, libel is neither a logical nor an honorable recourse.

With goodwill to all. With malice towards no one.

27 October 2006