Monday, October 09, 2006

government initiative

Now it can be said with certainty. There is no such thing as a “People’s Initiative” to change the fundamental law of the land. It is true that millions of Filipinos signed something. But there are thousands whose signatures remain unverified or suspiciously certified. There are also millions who affixed their signatures to something they knew nothing about. This is not to mention the so called “ghost signatures”.

It is government funds that were used and still being used as ChaCha propaganda, it was the government printing press that produced ChaCha materials. It is the government station that up to now is continuously selling ChaCha to the people. It is the majority of national and local officials who are moving for the ChaCha. The conclusion is rather too obvious. The present ChaCha move is basically an orchestrated government initiative under the baton of the national leadership.

Even the CBCP is not against Charter Change. If there be provisions therein that needs amending for a better Philippines, let there be change. But let the people themselves speak and act through their duly elected constitution commission. And let them thereafter decide on whether to accept or reject the propositions of their commission.

Attending to the obtaining ethico-social significance and consequences of amending the Philippine Constitution, the CBCP said: not by a suspect people’s initiative. Not during these times of poverty, iniquity and instability. Not with the presently governing clans and class.

So many serious questions come to fore with the present insistent and consistent move to change the constitution. Is it to bury the question of legitimacy of the Malacañang occupant that refuses to die? Is it simply to extend the tenure of those in position of power and influence at all costs? Is it to remove the presently working checks and balances in government? It is institutionalizing the tyranny of numbers by mere political partisan affiliation?

So many funny reasons are forwarded to hard sell ChaCha through a GMA initiative—to say it truly though bluntly. Immediate magical economic growth. Overnight good governance. No more graft and corruption. No more injustice and killings. Most of all, no more cheating, lying and stealing. These are the ingredients of an “enchanting kingdom”.

If these reasons were true, let there be ChaCha yesterday!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
09 October 2006