Wednesday, October 11, 2006

confused and confusing

There are definitely much worse ways of describing the present administration. A most kind way of doing it is simply to say that it is not only confused but also confusing. While this may not be complimentary, it is at least less harsh but not less true. There are concrete examples to demonstrate this sad truth.

First, there is the serious and persisting accusation that this administration seriously cheated in the 2004 national elections. Not less than twice it was officially challenged to established its legitimacy, but twice as well, it adamantly refused to have its side heard.

But then there was the report that there was cheating in the 2006 board licensure examinations. With a sense of righteousness it has no claim to the present administration assiduously attempted to have all the examinees—those who cheated as well as those who did not—to undergo a “retake”. This is the height of hypocrisy.

Second, there are certain professed members of the NPA who surrendered to the government. And for giving up of their official NPA affiliation, it is said by the authorities that they are each given some two hectares of land together with some livelihood programs. There is no argument against this gesture, considering that most of them have been victims of social injustice that precisely made them go to the mountains.

But then there are many poor farmer tenants desirous only of having a piece of the land they have been tilling for decades. They only want what is rightfully theirs according to the agrarian reform law. Yet, a good number of them have been summarily executed. And the present administration has but ceremonial moves in resolving their murders. This is injustice par excellence.

Third, there are the Jueteng cobradores this present administration sheds copious tears for having deprived them of “work” due to the present government drive against Jueteng. The public leadership is so sorry for their plight that there are livelihood programs lined up for them.

Yet, no such livelihood programs are honestly prepared for millions of poor people who have not indulged in any illegitimate numbers activity, who have less and less to eat everyday. This is a clear case of the present administration adopting the policy of rewarding bad citizens. The good ones are left to fend for themselves. This is a twisted sense of right or wrong.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
11 October 2006