Monday, September 04, 2006

totally stopped

Jueteng will be “totally stopped”. There is a “new all-out, honest-to-goodness drive” against jueteng. Furthermore, the end of “September” is set “as target for jueteng eradication. Thus far the PNP Director General was quoted by media in this resolve to clean “Luzon” of Jueteng syndicates. There are certain signal truths that he is respectfully invited to look into to verify their reality—or otherwise.

The good director should know by now that jueteng has long been the big curse of the poor bettors and the big blessing of its influential operators. He should also by now aware that most of those corporate entities running the STL are the jueteng capitalists themselves using the jueteng structure to collect STL bets.

The good Director should likewise be now cognizant of the fact that STL is conveniently used by its collectors as a cover-up precisely to gather jeuteng bets as well. Furthermore, without deliberate manipulation, STL will not bring money to its financiers, on account of which jueteng cannot but be played with it.

The good Director should be convinced that just as STL is approved by a Province, City or Municipality by introductory payolas to certain local authorities, jueteng on the other hand also thrives only on account of payolas to those specifically enjoined to stop it he should realize that just as drug money runs the elections in certain lain American countries, jueteng money runs much of the elections in this country.

The good Director should remember a key reality in the stop-and-go signals of jueteng before a scheduled election. For the 2004 National Elections, jueteng was totally stopped for two months or so. Immediately thereafter, jueteng came back with a vengeance, the reason for the stoppage was simply for those concerned to arrange and agree upon how much payolas go to whom and when—in anticipation of the projected election campaign expenses.

The good Director better be convinced that unless he has the approval and blessing of the national leadership, he cannot “totally stop” jueteng in the country. The Senate Inquiry on Jueteng amply demonstrated this preferred status of jueteng in the country.

The Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Jueteng can only sent its well wishes to the good director for his success in freeing the country of the greed and avarice of jueteng syndicates—permanently!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
4 September 2006