Monday, September 18, 2006

target: bishops

Now it is clear. Any and all critics of the administration are considered its dangerous enemies. They are perceived as destabilizers of the government they are therefore made targets of threats, accusations and summary executions even. This has become clear and certain not only in the country but also abroad.

For the government, it is a crime to tell the truth. To protect its tenure of power and might, to extend its influence in intensity and extent, there are no holds barred. To assure its continuous unconscionable affluence, this odious end justifies all devious means. Nothing and no one are allowed to be on its way in pursuing its questionable options and dubious motives.

Leaders and members of cause oriented groups are gradually diminished in number. Protesting farmers are not spared. There are dissenting professionals who are eliminated. Critical media practitioners now live dangerously. Even students are abducted and pastors are killed without qualm or remorse. All of these people are considered “enemies of the state” by the government and should therefore be silenced temporarily or permanently.

The government has turned its persecutory attention to six Filipino bishops according to their own list. In so many words, the administration tells them to behave like little good boys. They are told: play dumb. Keep quiet. Stay still. The national leadership and its avid followers are one in wanting the same bishops to act like the proverbial three monkeys: see nothing. Hear nothing. Say nothing. Or else.

This government that now wields power and has command of unlimited money and firearms of all kinds are in fact pitiful and pathetic. They forget that there is no way of killing the truth. Guns and bullets do not vanish ideas. Even murders keep ideals alive first and foremost, it might be good to remind this government that doing away with six bishops simply means that six or even more new bishops will simply come to fore.

Woe to this government if it wants to think that lying, cheating and stealing should not be the concern of bishops, that injustice, oppression and killings should not get the attention of the church.

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
18 September 2006