Tuesday, September 26, 2006

social injustice

In plain language, social justice means primarily the political community doing and giving what is due to the civil society—considering that the former is paid by the latter and the latter thus expects the service of the former. That is why as social justice is the distinct hallmark of democracy, social injustice is the badge of shame pinned on dictatorial regimes as well as wanna-be authoritarian governments.

A truly democratic country has a government that is clearly pro-people, not for itself, that is for public service in favor of the people, not for self-service. When a government becomes abusive and oppressive of the citizens, it becomes in effect their one big composite enemy. Such a government may triumph for sometime but it will be certainly outlived by the people concerned. Human history is the standing witness to this truth. All abusers and oppressors of man have one infallible destiny: they all come to pass while man stays on and on until the end of time.

Social injustice is the biggest curse to humanity as a whole. Man has a sociable nature that is the origin and basis of society. It is social justice that brings about social unity, stability and progress. It is social injustice that offends human dignity, undermines public harmony and ascertains social deterioration. There has never been and there will never be a nation on earth that is built, promoted and developed by social injustice.

All the above lead to the following conclusions:

First: the poverty and misery obtaining in this country are eventually the sad by-products of social injustice perpetrated against the people especially in the past few years.

Second: the violation of human rights and the waste of human lives all over the land can only happen because of existing social injustice in the country particularly for the past few years.

Third: the socio-political instability in the Philippines primarily on account of profound dissent and discontent that promote bitter anti-government rallies due to social injustice more concretely in the past few years.

It is social injustice that is the root cause of all the basic ills of this country and that is best symbolized and caused by the present administration that in fact started in 2001.

+O.V. CRUZ, D.D.
26 September 2006