Wednesday, August 16, 2006

social triad

There is a social triad that promotes and sustains the common good of a people. It is a triad that is sequential whereas the former is the cause of the latter. The composite three reality is justice, peace, and progress. Blessed is a country where the triad is a living reality. Miserable is a nation where threefold social factor is but a matter of rhetoric and an object of fantasy.

Peace is rightfully said as the fruit of justice. When there is much dissent and strong resentment, when there is violence and strife, their usual cause is injustice in a particular way. It is social justice that brings about societal peace—unity and harmony not only among the citizens, but also between the people and public authority exercising governance categorically for their common welfare.

It is not hard to understand that justice and peace are the twin engine of progress. When the time and effort of people and government are combined and focused on national development, socio-economic progress comes as a matter of course. It is enough to look into the developed countries to verify this truth.

Conclusion it is obvious that there is no justice in this country. That is why there is neither peace nor progress. This national adversity has one primary origin—the social injustice perpetrated by no less than the present administration. The unabated graft and corruption. The long list of scandalous misappropriations of public funds, the increasing number of disappearances, extrajudicial killings and political exterminations. All these—and similar government errancies—have their big collateral devastating cost in terms of common want and misery.

This is why in this poor and pitiful country today, to tell the truth is dangerous. This is true for private citizens as well as government officials: to lie, to steal and to cheat have become the politico-errant triad of the times. The end result of such a social malady is anger, division and distress in Philippine society.

This country is bound to suffer from greater poverty and misery when social justice is not restored, when there can neither be peace nor progress in the land for the eventual common good of the Filipinos.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
16 August 2006