Friday, August 18, 2006

quest for truth continues

Lying repels. Cheating offends. Stealing disturbs. Combined, these three errant actuations are bad enough when attributed to but a private individual. He does not only lose self-respect but incites others to spurn and shun him. But when the same unethical behavioral patterns are perceived to be done by no less than someone holding a key national leadership position, the socio-political result is predictable: the citizens are divided. The country is stagnant. The leader is running around in circles. Distrusted and disdained, the latter’s governance is sterile and futile as a matter of course. This pitiful malady impacts on the national psyche.

It is hard to deny that the present national leadership is held suspect—to say the least. There are one too many repugnant and scandalous wheeling and dealings attributed thereto. And notwithstanding any and all loud and insistent official denials, a good number of such shameless scandals stick and stick well to the leader so accused. This is the actualization of the common saying that politics is perception. And even but perception can eventually urge pursuant counter action to reverse an unwanted socio-political situation.

From last year to the present and possibly the ones yet to come, any and all impeachment cases filed against the national leadership have thrown out of the halls of congress by the majority allied political forces. But the country and the people are much more in moral force and physical number respectively. And as already twice historically proven before, these still have the last say and defining resolve at the end of the day.

The conclusion is obvious: the quest for truth continues.

Truth is fearless and powerful, timeless and purposeful. The relentless search for truth is the dutiful nature of the human mind. It abhors falsity, rests in truth, savors justice. Even liars, cheaters and thieves feel their guilt and have their worries—even though they wish it were otherwise, and unless they are mentally deranged.

One is thus certain: rallies and marches shall go on. Dissent moves and protests remain the order of the times. Meantime, extrajudicial killings go on. Political oppression is the order of the day. Violation of human rights is an accompaniment of daily living. And all these atrocities are because the truth is veiled, disunity is affirmed, social order and peace still remain but a dream—until the truth is out!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
18 August 2006