Thursday, August 10, 2006

open wound

It is a common occurence that a person suffers from a wound every now and then. It is also common that such personal physical or emotional wound usually heals with the proper remedies and the passage of time. What is dangerous is when the wound remains open, uncured and unclosed.

It is also expected that even a nation is occasionally wounded by socio-moral errancy. If properly treated and acted upon by the competent government entity, the wound is ultimately closed and forgotten. And the nation moves on.

The country has been long wounded by the grave politico-moral question on the legitimacy or otherwise of the present national leadership. The wound remains wide open, painful and disturbing. It is a pity that the cause itself of the wound is the one adamantly refusing its healing and closure. It is worst that there are people adopting the same posture and thereby move and act to have the wound remain open and bigger even with more perceived evidence of infections.

The consequences of this sad state of a wounded nation are not only appalling but also dangerous. Division of the people. Loud cry of the poor. Popular dissent and resentment. Open disgust for and distrust of the present administration. Constant fear of destabilization. Misuse of the police authority and armed forces.

All the above and other social maladies basically come from the non-closure of the legitimacy of the national leadership. The country cannot move on. The people are not in harmony. Questions remain unanswered and doubts stay unsolved. The future is uncertain. The people are restless. Development is stagnant.

Never can mere material count of hands but sound reason aptly respond to the ethical underpinnings and moral elements of the substance of an impeachment case--no matter what the law says. What is virtuous or vicious is over and above a simple majority count.

If the impeachment case this year is once again dismissed simply by tyranny of numbers, will impeachment cases be then filed year after year? Will there never be a closure of the legitimacy question and other impeachable issues? When can this nation move on?

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
10 August 2006