Tuesday, August 15, 2006

making the truth wait

There appears to be the insistence and audacity to make the truth wait. This is not only unsettling but even dangerous. Instead of finding the truth in peace as provided by law, there is the standing possibility that the continuous doubt and suspicion among certain sectors of the people in the country would eventually force the truth out.

As nature abhors vacuum, reason and logic cannot remain in doubt, their quest for truth—no matter the costs—certainly go on as long as it remains unknown. The human mind is restless until it finds the truth. In the same way, the human will refuses to be still until it possesses what is good. What is true is good, what is true and good is just. Justice forwards peace. Peace is the way to progress.

This has reference to the impeachment case that was hindered from being heard last year, and it seems that it is again readied to have the same fate this year. It was not enough to throw out the previous seven impeachment cases with disdain and dispatch. There seems to be the unrelentless efforts to do exactly the same with the eighth one, and this is ominous.

The adamant refusal of those in power to have the case processed to its legitimate conclusion is tantamount to their desire to have a serious doubt remain unresolved. This in effect means that they want a national socio-ethical wound left open, hurting and disturbing. They want no closure of a serious societal problem that precisely causes division, poverty and maldevelopment.

Is it true or false that MalacaƱang has a legitimate occupant? This is the question. This is the doubt. While some say yes, others say no. While there are those who altogether agree, there are others who vehemently disagree. While the former have but numbers to back up their stand, the latter insist they have hard evidence to prove their answer.

When will this push and pull end? When will the people be once again united so that the nation can really move on? And until when shall mere numbers determine what is right or wrong, what is integrity or depravity, what is truth or lie? Until the truth and only the truth stares people at the eye, then they will continue to question and doubt, to march and rally. What a waste of man-power and time.

Let the truth out!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
15 August 2006