Tuesday, August 22, 2006

life is cheap

At the rate human lives are unceremoniously terminated in this country, one most disturbing and disgusting fact comes to fore: Beware! Life is cheap in the Philippines! And when nothing less than human lives are continuously wasted, human dignity becomes a farce, and human rights are but big empty and sterile words.

All the so called “leftist” individuals, courageous media practitioners, poor farmers, helpless minorities, daring professionals, students and pastors killed have one common denominator: they were all non-subservient to the desires and designs of the present government. So far, there is still no known pro-administration personality that has been the target of the unabated killings going on since 2001.

No wonder then both locally and internationally it is said that the eventual suspect master killing plan has MalacaƱang as its more accountable origin. And those who with joy and glee execute the killing spree are but MalacaƱang favorite and favored agents. If these characters have no qualm of conscience in killing people, what would they not do to others who are still counted among the living?

Human life is the foundation of everything that is good, true and valuable. After its conception as a singular event and blessing, everything else that comes thereafter are but mere additions to it. With the end of human life, everything else ends with it. Human life is the base and summit of anything and everything else in this planet.

Not all the power and influence, money and resources combined of all those in tenacious position of leadership in government combined and even multiplied, can bring justice to precisely the strong suspects in the wanton murders of people here and there.

While living is costly especially during these difficult times, human life is priceless. Any institution, movement or agency that fools around with human lives cannot but be cursed in their existence and operation. Pay-back time infallibly comes to them, one way or another. If but mere human counteraction could not or would not bring them to retribution, the author himself of human life surely will.

It is said the blood of the innocent cries to heaven for vengeance. Human conscience and right reason join them. Such inhumanity of man to man is not only errant but also erratic.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
22 August 2006