Monday, August 07, 2006

keep them poor

There seems to be an emerging policy that could prove very beneficial to the government leadership. It keeps on promising a better economy for the country but remains unable to deliver its many grandiose commitments. That is why after years of holding power and influence in the country, the people are now more and have less to eat.

Whether the present administration already knows it or is not yet aware of it, it is good to already forward such an effective policy. Its benefits are immense and endearing for the national leadership. Among other things, it gets profound gratitude and great adulation, loud applauses and cheers—and possibly even a lesser disapproval rating.

The Policy: Keep People Poor!

Not that there is neither pervasive poverty nor intense misery in the country. Not that people have more food on their tables, better clothes to wear, more houses to go to. It is claimed that there are more investments, more exports, more savings and everything else that goes with a bright economy. However, what is concrete and evident is that there are more and more empty pockets that makes equally more and more empty stomachs.

That is why the noodle economy works.

Its beneficiaries here and there are very grateful and even ecstatic. They are ready to bow down possibly with bended knees even, in supreme appreciation and adulation of their benefactor. Noodles have a way of making the poor expectantly gather to get their packs. Thereafter, the noodles received turn them into blissful admirers of their professed patron and champion.

Rice handouts and medicine doleouts here and there, every now and then, have exactly the same effects. Undying appreciation and adulation of their giver on the part of their poor and sick recipients.

Promise them much but keep them poor. Picture to them their abundant future but keep them hungry. Meantime, assiduously observe the noodle economy—plus some rice and medicine grants. Every now and then. And they sing the praises of their leader. The only disturbing question is how long and how far could such a cruel gimmick work?

+O. V. CRUZ, D. D.
7 August 2006