Monday, August 28, 2006

intelligence fund and intelligent executives

The government certainly has multi-million intelligence funds such as that appended to the office of the president. It also presumably has hundreds of intelligent executives in many public agencies. It even has several intelligence sections in such institutions as the AFP, the NBI, the PNP.

Hundreds of caused oriented individuals, farmers, media people, professionals, students and even pastors are unceremoniously killed all over the land since 2001. And the killings go on with neither fear nor remorse. This is not to mention the infamous abductions and disappearances even of young people.

Yet, in strange and timid response to all such shameless and unabated extrajudicial killings, the administration sees it proper and enough to put up a little commission. To look into the atrocities almost daily committed against human life. The commission is supposed to do what the whole government feels it should keep its hands off.

Never mind the loud and painful cries for justice made not only locally but also globally. Never mind too all the claims of competence, power and influence by the administration—with its millions if not billions of intelligence funds and agencies. The response of the administration is like a big roaring lion fearfully hiding behind the shadow of a little house cat.

The conclusions behind these funny antics of the administration are rather simple and clear. One, the truth is that the commander-in-chief has in effect no command to stop the killings. Two, the national leadership is not to be blamed if the commission fails in realizing its objective. Three, it cannot be said that the government has anything to do at all if the wanton murders simply go on.

Truth to tell, the above conclusions are but proof of a perceived incompetent and insincere government. There is customary corruption in the handling of public funds. There is daylight smuggling going on. Drug peddling happens as a matter of course. Illegal gambling happily thrives. Criminality is the order of the day.

Poor national leadership! It is great in proclaiming its vision and mission. It is however pitiful in bringing about needed actualities and expected realities.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
24 August 2006