Thursday, August 10, 2006

gambling unlimited

In the 23 January 2005 "Statement on Gambling", the CBCP took notice of the increasingly serious problem caused by gambling in the country. For this reason, CBCP made the three following key pronouncements: One, CBCP considers all forms of legal and illegal gambling as morally undesirable and unacceptable specially so when they are corporate, syndicated or organized. Two, the CBCP looks at the culture of gambling as seriously erosive of the moral fiber of people customarily engaging in it. Three, the CBCP considers it necessary to make a collective anti-gambling policy, endorsing the truth that the end does not justify the end—such as gambling for charity as loudly and repeatedly claimed by PAGCOR, PCSO and Jueteng operators.

The cited CBCP statement accordingly inspired the recent establishment of the “Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Sugal” side by side with the organization of already long existent “Krusadang Bayan Laban Sa Jueteng”.

But as expected, the national leadership while professing moral ascendancy and best leadership, either allows or even endorses the proliferation of legal and illegal gambling in the country. It is not a secret that PAGCOR continues to establish more casinos in the country notwithstanding the open protests of the communities concerned. It is well known how PCSO insists in putting up STL in as many provinces as possible, inspite of the resistance of popular objections thereto. And Jueteng is back with a vengeance even if tri-media continue to repeatedly report its shameless resurgence especially in Luzon.

The above manifest pro-gambling national policy notwithstanding, the “Krusadang Bayan Laban sa Sugal” is resolved to counter such an unethical posture of the present administration. This is why today, the Krusada launches two anti-gambling materials, a concise educational publication and brief revealing video.

The first is the “Primer on Gambling 2006” in general, be this legal or illegal. It says what is gambling. What is wrong with gambling. What are the popular forms of gambling, and what are the arguments purportedly in favor of gambling.

The second is a video clearly showing how cheating is done specifically in Jueteng—with the intervention of Mr. Boy Mayor who was a former master Jueteng operator. The cheating or manipulation is demonstrated by an actual “bolador”, i.e., someone who to this date still draws the so called “winning numbers” of Jueteng. The numbers drawn are pre-determined by the findings of the “revisador”. This “employee” of every Jueteng operator knows what numbers have the least bets and should be wherefore made to win.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
11 August 2006