Thursday, August 31, 2006

even these shall pass away

These are bad times. There are good days. This is the Philippines that is surrendering from one disaster to another but holds on to hope and prayer. Ours is a country that dirty politics try to bring down yet faith continues to hold it up. We are a people who are divided in many ways, but become united when there are calamities and calls for help.

There is a litany of valid complaints that are made: Unabated corruption. Undeserved poverty. Flagrant injustice. But there is always a list of happy celebrations: Fiestas. Nuptials. Christmas. There is less food and more sickness but charity and smiles still remain. There is a feeling of defeat in many instances yet there also come victories and triumphs every now and then.

This is neither optimism nor positivism. It is simply realism and truth. If there is a special people in Asia that lose wars but win battles, that know how to stand up after they fell, these are Filipinos. They are humble in their ways but become proud and tall when needed. They are a people of peace but challenge them right and they fight back—to win.

There are thousands of individuals who are leaving the nation. There are hundreds of families who are migrating abroad. But this is not because they no longer love the country of their birth. This they do for their dear children, for them to have an easier present and a better future. The millions of Filipinos who nevertheless stay and remain all over he land, still believe that their plight is not hopeless and neither do they feel helpless to improve their lot.

True that there is much resentment and even disgust about the way the present government is running the nation. There is big disrespect and distrust about the options and actions from the administration. There are too much financial scandals and political maneuverings, too many killings and disappearances, too serious accusations and suspicious. It has become the target of continuous sad and sick jokes.

To those who feel giving up on their country, may they remember that even all these anomalies and atrocities shall pass away. Their authors and agents now in position of power shall eventually fall from their ivory towers and land flat on their faces. And then, the country shall once again enjoy the blessing of justice, peace and progress. How true is the saying that at the end of the day, crime does not pay!

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
26 August 2006