Wednesday, August 09, 2006

CBCP in focus

These are trying times for CBCP. There are distinct efforts being exerted to divide it. There are strong moves to separate its members one from another. There are also manifest intents to influence its options and decisions. All these tactical maneuvers follow the old maxim: “divide et impera”, viz., divide and conquer. Lately, there was even a gross attempt at a so called “secret dialogue supposedly called by the CBCP but actually arranged, insisted upon and thereby funded by MalacaƱang.

It is not a secret that the origin of these moves to destabilize—infamous word—the CBCP comes from those who consider it as a threat to their tenure of authority and influence. Their leader and agents are those who are afraid of truth who cannot claim integrity. All of them dangle the same bait in terms of money and goods purportedly on account of their professed love and undying concern for the poor.

It is so difficult to attribute good intentions and noble motives behind their plans, programs and projects. These operators are not known for their nobility but for their addiction to power and might. Neither are their noted for their service to others but for their service their benefactor instead. They might have began with altruistic vision but have imbibed a transactional value system along the way when walking the corridors of power.

The question is why those who are powerful and mighty so preoccupied with what CBCP thinks and says? They are the ones who have the armed forces and the police power. They can buy anybody and anything at any cost. Why are they so eager in courting and winning over CBCP to their side? What does CBCP have that make them nervous and worried?

CBCP does not own even but one gun nor one bullet. What it does have are old and aging men. It only draws its strength from a book, its inspiration from a faith, it has no interest at all in winning elections, holding public offices, wielding secular power of any kind.

But perhaps—just perhaps—it has a morally invincible weapon: truth, liars, cheats and thieves are very afraid of truth. There is no defense against truth. This is why it is an absolute certainty that CBCP will survive all sinister efforts to divide and conquer it. It has in fact survived certain national administrations before. It too will eventually survive the reigning one.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
9 August 2006