Monday, July 17, 2006

wisdom without pretension

Without either advice from mundane strategists or help from secular tacticians, the CBCP did rather well in their Pastoral Letter on social concern dated 9 July 2006. The open letter carried basically good and practical conclusions on the ethical dimensions of the socio-political realities now obtaining in the country.

But just the same, the CBCP Pastoral Letter drew rather loud and repeated lamentations from many sectors of Philippine society. In fact, it even caused deep dissatisfaction and frustration among a good number of people of goodwill. It can even be said it was only MalacaƱang that rejoiced much and thus profusely praised the Letter.

All the above is understandable—if its reading only begins and simply ends on the CBCP stand on impeachment. While congress looks at impeachment as a purely politico-partisan matter—and rightly so in principle—the CBCP however sees much more in it. It looks at the impeachment process according to the basic socio-ethical imperatives of objective truth, social justice and national peace—and rightly so, too, because CBCP may and do speak only in the light of the Gospel teaching.

The more profound and comprehensive corporate message-content of the CBCP Letter goes this way:

1st: At the present moment, it is not inclined to favor the impeachment process. Reason: it would simply suffer the same fate it underwent last year before the present congress.

2nd: Meantime it categorically rejects Charter Change through either the so-called “People’s Initiative” or the Constituent Assembly. Reason: The present constitution of congress would be simply extended and any other impeachment process would suffer the same misfortune.

3rd: So it clearly looks forward to the 2007 Elections on proviso only that trust is restored in the COMELEC through the much desired reform of its leadership plus modernization of the electoral process.

With the above composite reality, it is highly probable that the composition of Congress would change not only in terms of the majority but also the latter’s perception and consequent action when another impeachment case is filed before it.

17 July 2006