Thursday, July 20, 2006

sacristy clergy

By the sacristy, of the sacristy, for the sacristy—this is what the present administration wants the clergy with their bishops to be: “sacristy clergy”. Stick to preaching about heaven and the angels. Do only novenas and processions. Praise the Lord. Do nothing more. Be good little boys. Behave. Do what you are told by the government. And that’s it.

Leave the administration alone. It has the final say on what is right or wrong, depending on what is convenient or troublesome. It has the prerogative to determine what is virtue or vice according to what is profitable or otherwise. More importantly, on account of its direct, exclusive and frequent heavenly communications, the present administration is in fact over and above the so called “ten commandments”.

The administration has the certain and certified prerogative of deciding who is cheating, lying, stealing, or not. It also exclusively judges on what is graft and corruption, what is massacre and murder, what is abduction and torture—or not. It is better to place the present administration over and above the law—for the sake of unity.

Only this way will there be truth and justice in this country… The administration simply determines which is true and just. No “if’s” nor “but’s”. And peace will reign supreme all over the land. Those who dare dissent would be either bought or eliminated. And there would be harmony and prosperity.

The clergy with their bishops will simply pray. After all, this is what they only know and should wherefore do. Schools teach children to observe obedience, patience and silence the bishops should know better. They should be quiet when they come to know of extrajudicial killings, witness the poverty and misery of many people, behold the abuses of public officials, the exploitation of children and women.

Over and above all, the clergy with their bishops should see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing when they come to know and feel that the present administration either promotes or allows the degradation of human dignity and the violation of human rights.

This is the way to “peace!”

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
20 July 2006