Friday, July 07, 2006

a killer government

The degradation of human dignity is bad enough. The violation of human rights is already despicable. The killing of human lives is the worst offense against humanity and civilization. But the practically daily, continuous and numerous extrajudicial killing men and women all over the land—this is something that already cries to heaven for vengeance.

And this is what the present administration is fast becoming an expert in. It is not enough that cause oriented people are killed. It is neither sufficient to eliminate many farmers, media people and pastors. The administration even made the option to launch nothing less that an “all out war” against the NPA, to even fund this program with a billion peso budget plus the questionable merging of the PNP with the AFP in its killing spree.

When a given government already accepts or endorses the killing of people, there is nothing that it would not do in order to preserve its own existence, to serve its influence. It then becomes a go for broke, an all or nothing government. And the end is predictable: that government eventually becomes broke and ends up nothing.

The administration conveniently forgets that bullets from both its rightist forces and its leftist enemies cannot but kill also innocent people, women and children. It is rightly said that when dogs fight, the grass under their feet die. This is exactly the picture of a nation when two groups of combatants fire their guns at one another. Their bullets infallibly also kill helpless civilians together with the poor soldiers and the government’s perceive enemies.

There are certain things that are abominable to all citizens with sound mind and good will. And one of them is precisely when their own government allows or even promotes the disappearance of men and women without a trace. The more so when they perceive that it is their own government that affirms the unceremonious killing people with questionable cause, without remorse.

Killing people is the summit of all evil deeds. Anyone who kills is asking for trouble. A killer government is actually preparing its own tomb.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
7 July 2006