Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The feeling for another’s sorrow or hardship that leads to sympathy is compassion. To be compassionate is to be understanding based on the knowledge of objective truth or factual reality.

One who knows himself well than anybody else can only respond with compassion to people who malign him, speak evil about him and say shameful expletives against his person. They certainly have their own personal reasons or public motives for making such sad and pitiful pronouncements.

It is public knowledge that two of the witnesses in the senate jueteng prove left the anti-jueteng crusade for its inability to provide them the amount and kind of sustained temporal support they wanted. On their own they came to testify before the senate under the care and support the crusade. On their own too they left. And now on their own, they have to find people who are capable of responding to their personal and family demands.

When they first went public after they decided to leave the care and protection of the crusade, they appeared rather sorrowful and one of them seemed even tearful even. Yet they said that they maintained the truth of the sworn testimony they made before the senate.

Now is a witch-hunting time for the present administration that is nervous of losing its grip of power and might, and, all of sudden, exactly the same pair went public again. Only this time their allegations are rather to convenient and timely and preposterous as well.

The crusade harbors no ill-will towards the two gentlemen but instead looks at them with compassion. The truth of the matter is that they were the two witness of the crusade who knew the least about the extent and reach of jueteng payolas in the country. The senate records on the jueteng probe will readily prove this. Nevertheless, their coming out against jueteng on their own risk is something that remains to be appreciated.

For the moment, it is enough to deny their rather wild allegations attaching the senate jueteng probe of a distant past to a coup plot these days. To say more is to dignify what is ridiculous and preposterous.

But the crusade still respects their persons and has compassion of their financially difficult situation.

19 July 2006