Sunday, July 16, 2006

buying spree

Surveys show that there remains a big majority of people in the country that continues to give a very low rating of approval to the present administration. It is even said that in the recent history of this nation, such a poor approval rating is singular. Never before has any previous administration been so depreciated. Even pick-pockets lament: the wallets they get are basically empty.

The seriously low approval rating is true, right and just. Notwithstanding all socio-economic statistics and rhetoric to the contrary, the financial present and future of the country remain bleak. Despite many glorious travels of the national leadership, poverty and misery remain the constant accompaniment of the common tao. In fact, the little money they have even buys less and les in the course of time.

This is why MalacaƱang appears to be in avid search of supporters. It seems to feel the urgency of taking all possible remedial actions to gain some affirmation even from unlikely sources such as churchmen. Apparently it is doing something undone even during the infamous dictatorial regime.

But anybody and anything at any cost!

If those recently reported payolas handed to churchmen were true, if the alleged numerous largesse in cash and in kind given to church leaders were correct, if the said standing offers of favors of many kinds to many church people were factual, all these could be rightfully summed up as one big buying spree of the present administration.

Said unexpected benefactions were allegedly given to many on several occasions within short critical timeframe. It is fair to conclude that they were meant to buy support for the benefactor. For MalacaƱang and its avid allies to think and say otherwise would be the conclusion of either angelic innocence or the thinking process of an alien from a distant planet.

If the present administration wants to silence and win people, if it really desires to reverse its pitiful approval rating and earn the respect and appreciation of the citizens—churchmen included—it has but one thing to do, viz., restore social justice in the land. This is but desiring and expecting what is good, true and fair. Is this asking too much?

16 July 2006