Wednesday, June 07, 2006

violence is a lie

“Violence is a lie.” This is the updated ethical understanding of brutality committed against human persons. When it is the government itself that commits violence against the citizens, this is a gross official lie. It is a government’s brazen denial of human dignity, human rights and life.

A government that perpetrates violence rejects the fundamental truth that the human person is second only to its creator which is definitely not the government. It is people that created the government and, hence, it is the servant of the people—and not the other way around.

Violence caused by the government against its own constituents guarantees deep social division and serious civil strife not to mention political instability and social dissent, financial regression and human indignity.

Violence directed against human rights and lives subverts human values and denies human dignity. There is no greater lie actualized by a government than when it violates the very citizens whose common good it is paid to affirm and enhance.

Graft and corruption, scandals and other government misdeeds are big socio-moral liabilities. But all these are lesser evils compared to violent offenses committed by the government against human persons. This constitutes a huge lie in terms of deceiving them about the nature and finality of governance.

The fundamental reason behind this truth is that the government is ultimately of, for and by the people. Certainly, the people are infallibly not of, for and by the government. This is a fundamental truth in the order of nature. To deny this is radical lie against the dictates of natural law and the demands of elementary reason.

Considering that more and more number of murders and oppressions are being committed by public authorities against dissenters, the present administration can be considered a big liar. So odious a lie that it cannot but be noted even by international organizations that precisely champion human rights and lives.

7 June 2006