Wednesday, June 21, 2006


It means the deliberate and systematic action plan of violently opposing a government with the end in view of ultimately bringing it down through the use of terror. The leaders and agents of this venture are well organized and disciplined. This is terrorism directed against a ruling government.

It means the intentional and structured program or project of violently bringing about a condition of fear and submission of persons or groups of people dissenting with a government. The objective is unsaid and those who bring it to fulfillment are unnamed. This is terrorism by a ruling government against particular persons or groups of individuals.

It cannot be denied that there is terrorism now obtaining in the country. This bloody social condition is lamentable. But what is definitely much more dangerous and shameful is that as there is terrorism directed against the government, there appears to be also terrorism launched by the present administration particularly against cause oriented groups as well as media practitioners.

In other words, the present national leadership does not seem satisfied and vindicated by simply going after terrorists in the country as the whole civilized world does to promote social order and public welfare. It appears that the present administration still feels the need of being a terrorist itself otherwise, it would be difficult to explain the ever increasing number of downright executions in the country with impunity and without fear.

The present administration is burdened by one too many socio-ethical encumbrances. There is the subsisting issue of legitimacy. There is further the existing question of human rights violations. There is furthermore the irritating continuous emergence of this and that graft and corruption. And now the already standard news of extrajudicial killings, vigilante style.

When will the Philippines have a government that is respected and appreciated? How will this nation have the joy and blessing of a servant and not a master national leadership? What would it take for the Filipinos to stay in their country to earn a living, raise their families, live in justice and peace?

21 June 2006