Thursday, June 01, 2006

playing with human lives

Sparing some lives while killing many. Ceremoniously working for the repeal of the Death Penalty Law while doing ritual investigations of downright murders. Receiving victors with big smiles and praises, while being loudly silent about many victims of disappearances and extermination. This has become the expertise of the national leadership—the flagship of the present government.

What a sad spectacle in the country and in the international community. There is too much deceit and duplicity in the land. And the incarnation of this two-faced policy is sadly found in the government that is precisely meant to serve the people without fear or favor. And these two realities are what are specifically operative in the present administration.

When a human life is not simply taken for granted but even wasted here and there and practically everyday at that, this in effect is a signal self-depreciation of the lives of those responsible for such atrocities. This is when the uncivilized principle of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth—a life for a life—readily becomes operative.

When a government itself becomes a direct or indirect agent of wanton killings and summary executions, that government becomes not only a danger to the citizens but also a marked target for annihilation by those who survive it. And there are too many for comfort, too resolved for disregard.

This is why the perceived repeated assassination plots against the national leadership plus the unending destabilization moves against the government come as a matter of course. This is along the line of the principle of cause and effect, the norm that says for every action there is an equal reaction.

No one—not even a distinctly powerful and influential public official—may fool around with human lives. Even the most despotic and authoritarian figure in the whole history of humankind has not created a single human life, and has no right much less prerogative of getting rid of it.

The government has all the Armed Forces, all police manpower with all their corresponding intelligence agencies. Yet it is incapable of bringing to justice the killers of one too many political dissenters and media practitioners. This is a shame and a sham.

1 June 2006