Tuesday, June 20, 2006

PAGCOR euphemism

PAGCOR is one big euphemism. For a start, it makes itself known as the “Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation”. The fact, however, is it neither provides amusement nor promotes games. Rather, PAGCOR is perceived to inspire avarice and market downright gambling. Thus, PAGCOR can be more properly called as the “Philippine Avaricious Gambling Corporation.”

Multi-million pesos must be spent by PAGCOR to continuously and loudly advertise itself through radio, TV and print. The sound bites, clips and lines are the same in substance and spirit. PAGCOR is great. PAGCOR is a blessing. PAGCOR is amazing.

It loudly claims that it helps education. How could it really do this when it in effect appears to promote the glee of greed, the mentality of chance, the vice of indolence? To say that this personal ethical liability is education makes one great joke.

It proudly announces that it builds roads. Yet it is considered rather quite silent on how many individuals it destroys when these become gambling addicts or how many families it destroys as well when spouses part ways because of gambling loses.

It relishes proclaiming itself as helping many people in need and giving much to charitable work. It seems to conveniently forget that it is the losing bettors who really fund all such benefactions—including the big salaries and many perks of PAGCOR management people themselves.

The present administration is in truth the biggest gambling lord in the country. It has PAGCOR and PCSO now adulterated by gambling, under its direction with merely staff functions. This would mean that their fund disbursements are ultimately subject to the option of the national leadership which is much distrusted—to say the least.

PAGCOR should know that practically all simple yet decent people already well know long since: the end does not justify the means. Simply said, that no matter how good and noble PAGCOR thinks of itself to be, its gambling operation still gets a big thumbs down no matter how beneficial it thinks of itself. PAGCOR is no match for truth in the sphere of social ethics.

2O June 2006