Sunday, June 11, 2006

left or right

In this country, whether someone belongs to the “left” or “right”, has taken on a big socio-political significance and relevance. The branding is such that the distinction automatically says who is what and what one does.

The presently infallible norm formulated and applied is this: whoever belong to the “left” is automatically wrong. And someone who goes with the “right” is necessarily correct and unerring. It has gone to the extent that the government is seen as a “rightist” while those who dissent thereto are considered “leftists”.

What really matters, however, is who is right or wrong. What is good or evil, virtuous or vicious. What is right brings about social harmony and progress. What is wrong destroys society and impedes development. Good unites while evil divides. It is this distinction that really counts.

Just as who belongs to the “left” is not always wrong, those identified with the “right” are neither always upright. Depending on the objective reality of what one concretely does, makes this good or evil—irrespective of whether he or she is a rightist or a leftist.

It is important to bear this truth in mind especially during these disturbing times in the country. It seems that it is hunting time—once again. The right appears to have operationalized the mandate to seek and destroy the leftist. What is good or evil is no longer of any consequence. What defines individuals is who belongs to the “right” or the “left”. As the former claims to be always right, the latter is considered wrong always. There is neither “ifs” not “buts”.

This is not necessarily in defense of the “left”. This is but a reminder to the “right”. But over and above all, this is a call to sanity and truth. There must be something wrong with the “right” if leftists are repeatedly killed here and there. This is an appeal to the government who readily sees what is wrong with the left but conveniently forgets to find out what is wrong with itself.

This screwed perception and pursuant actuation on the part of the government already happened not to long ago. And that government is long gone, but the “left” is still up and about.

11 June 2006