Saturday, June 03, 2006

Da Vinci Code: the day after

After so much international hype and so much local fuss, the Da Vinci Code Film is now seen as a non-issue the day after its showing. There was so much debate, worry and reservation over nothing. Christianity is exactly the same. The Church is still as it was before.

One this though is certain: an author made a killing, a film producer has gone to the bank laughing. Meantime, the movie goers did not exactly know what they saw. Meantime, those having spare money to see the film should not feel that bad if they did not either see or feel what they were told they would.

The book made good reading. The film fell short of expectation. While the readers had fun, the viewers were left neither here nor there. Meantime, everybody had to pay both for the entertainment and the disappointment respectively. Who won? Easy: Dan Brown and Columbia Pictures.

There must be signal lessons somewhere in this whole supposedly big mystery brought down to cold reality. First: Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever. Second: the Catholic Church enjoys the certitude to last till the end of time. Three: fiction about Christ and the Church comes and goes but their truth remains.

A tip to fiction writers: It is commonly held that the Gospels are silent about the life of Christ when he was about seven up to some thirty three years old. This long time span is commonly called “the hidden life of Christ”. And rightly so. Precisely because it is “hidden” and wherefore unknown, the same provides practically unlimited materials for fertile minded authors.

One caution though. Let them not deliberately offend Christian sensibility. There is a whale of difference between wholesome fiction and disrespectful novel. Even but the flag of the Philippines deserves rightful difference. Surely the person of Christ has due claim to due reverence.

Meantime, let Catholics be well aware that their faith is some 2000 years old. It has been—and will still be—tested by all kinds of intrigues and falsities. But their faith will continue ever to guide them towards truth and life.

3 June 2006