Tuesday, May 23, 2006

who is afraid of impeachment?

The constitutional provision on impeachment has one composite inherent finality: to right a wrong, to find the truth, to administer justice. Such fundamental objective of the impeachment process is clearly over and above political considerations, beyond the system of profits and rewards. To do what is right is not an option. Truth knows no party. Justice is for all.

It is both sad and dangerous that the impeachment process in the country has become but a matter of who is in tenure of power and influence, who can give and promise more favors, who has more partisan political allies. What could be wrong is of no consequence. What could be deceitful does not matter. What could be unjust is irrelevant.

Such distorted view is a big disservice to the common welfare and a huge impediment to socio-economic progress. With such a political malaise, it becomes a moral impossibility for the country to move on, for the people to be united. It is the government itself that finds it difficult to govern.

One is afraid of an impeachment process not really because it causes social disturbance. There is already much disturbance and unrest in the country. One who wants to avoid impeachment no matter the cost is moved by many other considerations—none of which has anything to do with what is right, true and just.

Precisely, an impeachment process should be much welcomed by someone suspect of lying, stealing and cheating. It is specifically impeachment that provides the forum for the suspect to be heard, for the same to be cleared of such detestable suspicion.

Not to allow at least an impeachment process to take place in the presence of those who testified to wrong doings, persistent, loud and repeated pursuant accusations can be anything but the way of the prudent and wise. In effect, placing all obstacles for an impeachment to proceed can be readily interpreted as an indirect admission of guilt.

The CBCP has no less than thrice officially called for the search for truth about the 2004 elections. It also explicitly mentioned that an impeachment process is one way of letting the truth out. Hence: why be afraid of impeachment?

23 May 2006