Monday, May 15, 2006

three good fictions

There are three good fictions making the rounds in the country these days. They are interesting. They are entertaining. They are amusing in a way. They fulfill a purpose: people have something to talk about to pass the time, to forget realities though for a while.

There is the fiction of the repeated official claim of a great up and coming national economic progress. This fearless forecast is preceded by the famous presidential 10-point agenda so eloquently and proudly announced in 2004. The first three of them already show the exercise of a fertile imagination: Ten million jobs. Education for all. Balancing the national budget. Their now obtaining opposites are the stark standing realities.

There is the ever big number of men and women willing to take any and all risks by seeking jobs abroad. There are more children no longer going to school. Both the internal and external debts of the country have ballooned that precisely gave birth to the infamous E-Vat. Side by side with this fiction of a promising socio-economic future is the ugly fact that more and more families have less and less to eat these days.

There is the other fiction so called “People’s Initiative”. This is the blitzkrieg of no less than the national leadership for all conceivable reasons but the cause of national unity and prosperity. Not the people but the government agencies are pushing it. Public officials as well as public funds are used to promote it. Even the government printing office is used to push government’s initiative for the country to have a charter change, sparing nothing and no one.

The big and fast moving Cha-Cha train made millions of people sign—no matter what they signed, no matter why they signed. This is why thereafter many said they did not know what they signed, much less did they understand why they signed. Even the dead and the missing signed their supposedly very own initiative. This fiction is not only funny but pathetic.

There is the third fiction of the so called “Da Vinci Code”. There was neither a code nor was there any conspiracy made by the painter. Leonardo must be churning in his grave laughing and having a great time. He must be thanking Dan for making people curious about his painting. Would that Dan throw in couple of million dollars to have his tomb refurbished. That would be the least Dan can do, and the least as well that Leonardo deserves.

15 May 2006