Tuesday, May 30, 2006

roll of honor

These days are full of bad news. There is much social dissent and resentment. Millions are suffering from poverty and want. Murders take place as a matter of course. Human rights are wantonly violated. Graft and corruption in government go unabated. The present administration is fixated with its perceived enemies and their destabilizing attempts.

But as it is said, there is still some light behind the dark clouds. This truth comes to fore in terms of at least three public institutions in the country. Their respective contribution to what is true and right is not a secret. People know. Media know. They know.

Each of them has its own particular merit. There is however one common denominator. They all share with much distinction and legitimate pride. All these three entities keep themselves free from the clutch and control of the national leadership. Notwithstanding all power and might it wields at will.

Presenting in chronological order the honor roll of the three distinguished three public institutions which the country, the general public noticed and appreciated.

First honor: The Senate of the Philippines. Citation: For its eminent role in exposing key scandalous government agenda.

Second honor: The Supreme Court of the Philippines. Citation: For its distinguished work in upholding the fundamental law of the land.

Third honor: The Commission on Human Rights. Citation: For its laudable affirmation of human life, dignity and rights.

There is one special citation of honor that legitimately belongs to a group of brave people engaged in the dangerous work of making people know what is happening all over the country: Media.

30 May 2006