Sunday, May 14, 2006

media value

It is media that makes the world smaller by connecting humanity better. Without media people would be isolated one from the other and knowledge would be denied to many, young and old alike. It is the inherent value of media that makes information technology a most developed and still further developing science.

There are three salient truths about media that bring to fore its substantive significance and far reaching implications. Tthis is why, as a matter of principle, media should not only be promoted but also defended by all people of good will.

Media is the vehicle of truth. Media value is anchored in the price of truth which is precisely priceless. Only truth can satisfy the demands of reason and the yearning of the spirit. That is why the search for truth is a most noble endeavor as it is a most satisfying experience when truth is eventually found.

That is why those who lie and cheat and steal dislike if not altogether hate media. As a purveyor of truth, media is considered as the big enemy of those who hide behind falsity and live in fiction.
Media is the symbol of freedom. The more media forwards the truths, the more it promotes and stands for freedom. The famous saying that truth sets people free is a profound reality. Not only ignorance but also deceit keep people chained to their little selves. They are thus denied the opportunity of being a part of the big and wide world of many and varied realities.

That is why those who are despotic in attitude and authoritarian in orientation look at freedom as undeserved by their considered subjects and vassals. That is why they despise and muzzle media. And that is why too they put up and run their own self-serving means of communication.

Media is the instrument of moral power. Guns are silenced. Tanks are made still. Bombs become mute. But media as a vehicle of truth and symbol of freedom outlives them all--inclusive of personalities who are lies incarnate and lovers of force. Media is morally powerful and actually invincible.

14May 2006