Wednesday, May 17, 2006

lie refusing to die

Thousands of lies must be told everyday all over the land. Most of them are eventually forgotten in the course of time. This is true for small and fat, innocuous and malicious lies. As a rule, after people lie people soon forget. Many lies are fast gone from human memory and recall.

But every now and then, there comes a lie that refuses to die. Much effort can be made to cover it up. Diversions are done, advertisements are made even entertainments are staged. But all these notwithstanding, the lie remains alive and well. It refuses to die even with the passage of times and events.

This is precisely the case of the lie said that there was no cheating in the 2004 National Elections. The canvassing of the votes was long over. The winner was already proclaimed. The impeachment process folded up. All institutional avenues to know the truth are officially closed.

But there remains the irritating ‘garci tapes’. There are the preserved sworn 10 concordant testimonies of election cheating before the Senate. There is the insistent question of integrity on the part of the COMELEC. There is the Mayuga Report that remains a mystery to date. There is also the vexing CBCP call for the relentless search for truth—expressly made no less than three times.

Lies no matter how big and fat are no match to the strength and invincibility of the truth. Truth survives liars—always suppress and shackle it, hide and burry it. Eventually however truth comes out in the open, truth seems to have a life of its own, distinct and independent from that of the liar.

To claim that there was no cheating in the last elections is a good fiction. It would be both inspiring and edifying for anyone to prove that there was any election in the country that was altogether honest and clean. This is precisely the origin of the funny yet no baseless saying that in the country, no one is defeated in the local and national elections—only cheated.

That is why the loud and repeated calls for people to “move on” remain futile and vain. The impediment is precisely a lie that refuses to die; only the emergence of truth will lay the lie to rest and will make people move on. Otherwise, national life remains suspended. But as sure as the sun comes out in the morning, the truth will be eventually out. And the people will finally be free once more.

17 May 2006