Wednesday, May 24, 2006

enchanted kingdom

More fiction oriented than Dan Brown, more nebulous than any dreamland, more elusive than the thinnest air in Mt. Everest. This is the “Enchanted Kingdom” that is perceived to be occupied not by real people but by illusive dwarfs. It is a non-place where not only non-realities reign but also non-ordinary beings exist.

More. The kingdom could come about but after 20 years today is bad enough. If the present is the foretelling of the future, the country in one big trouble 20 years after. More. Would someone now around be the one still to build the “Enchanted Kingdom” no less than 20 long years from 2006? This is too big a presumption to take seriously”.

There are people regularly killed as a matter of course. There are angry protests and rallies staged here and there. There are issues of disconcerting deception and shameless corruption being raised by people before all available fora. There are even sudden disappearances of individuals with no traces, with no one held accountable so far.

The above sad realities and appalling situation in the country provide the backdrop for the vain and futile pursuit of an “Enchanted Kingdom”. When people are suffering and hungry, somebody stages a circus. When the people’s situation is neither bright nor promising, someone dangles before them the magic of an “Enchanted Kingdom”. The Tyrants and despots of long ago did exactly these diversionary tactics.

There must be something much better than a mere “Enchanted Kingdom.” There is something definitely better even than the “first world” which is basically thus rated on account of wealth and resources. To be poor is not that bad when no few people are that filthy rich and powerful. Poverty is not that unacceptable if some people do not wallow in incorrigible corruption that precisely impoverishes the country. Wealth is not necessarily equals happiness and contentment.

When an administration is much disdained and disrespected, repeatedly accused and suspected, it is a folly for it to project and proclaim such vacuous projection as an “Enchanted Kingdom” no matter how sincere the wish is.

24 May 2006