Monday, April 24, 2006

shameful export

The administration does not only promote legal gambling but also tolerates illegal gambling in the country. Now the shameful news is internationally out: this nation in exporting people also exports Jueteng through certain OFW avidly gambling individuals. Sad but true.

What is worst in Jueteng—and gambling in general—is not only the fact that the winning of but one gambler is the lost of many others. All gamblers together with all gambling operators and all gambling capitalists covet the money of everybody else. Gambling goes hand in hand with vices of avarice, greed, covetousness.

These vices driving individuals to have more from others, to wallow in ill-gotten wealth, to own what belongs to others are the cause of many crimes. In fact, acts of graft and corruption in both the public and private sectors of society, scandalous financial transactions by government people as well as by private business corporation and similar atrocious dishonest actuations are all rooted in covetousness.

The very dark side of Jueteng is that it can kill. And kill it does. The truth is that to this date, one of the key witnesses in the Senate Jueteng probe just recently received not one but five serious threats to his life. For telling the truth about the socio-political ills brought about by Jueteng in the country, his dead silence is up to now being sought.

It took another country to expose the reality that Jueteng can and does kill. As a matter of course, the killings in the country related to Jueteng do not get into the papers as a matter of practice. Jueteng Payolas see to it that no one sees the killings, one, knows about the killings, no one talks about the killings.

Yet surprise: all known and identified Jueteng Lords are on the loose, are all happy and well. And so no surprise: Jueteng is slowly but surely on its way to national prominence once more—hand in hand with small town lottery, EZ1 cum bookies. No surprise too that these so call “legal” and downright illegal gambling’s are on deck as the 2007 Elections appear to be on sight.

+O. V. CRUZ, D.D.
24 April 2006